The Ultimate Growth Hacker for Small Businesses

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The only mantra for small/medium scaled businesses to thrive and grow is by finding efficient ways to secure the existing set-up, stabilize it and at the same time look out for expansion opportunities that are not too costly and are friendly to use.

Cloud computing perfectly fits in as the missing part of the puzzle. Cloud computing eases out the owner’s struggle of managing network related and other technical issues, rather channelizes his energy towards the growth of his company. A lot of unwanted tension is filtered out and peace of mind is assured.

Here are the core pros of Cloud Computing

a) Opex Doesn’t Hurt: Small scale industries don’t mind sharing a part of their monthly profit as an investment towards Cloud Computing. Spending say INR 3000 is a way better option than investing INR 5-10 Lakhs upfront as Capital Investment.

b) Plug & Play–When you buy a 5GB RAM server with say 1 TB Hard disk and 4 cores with a 4GHZ processor you actually won’t be using 90% of its capabilities. So, investing on networks doesn’t make any sense. In Cloud, you only pay for your share, yet use the same server configurations.

c) Recovery is seamless: When you are a small startup, you wouldn’t have enough manpower and money to look after backing your data needs. Power issues/natural calamities/ human intervention are all taken care by the Cloud. Moreover, your data can be cloned and different images can be kept at different locations across the globe and recovered with the count on finger-tips. Also, you should not worry about in-house thefts of the server, because there isn’t a physical server.

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d) Accessibility: It can be accessed from any part of the world. You can work on the fly. There is no location dependency in terms of your work. It doesn’t confine you to your office space network (where your traditional servers would have laid, had there been no option of Cloud). It also gives you the freedom to switch between data centers nearest to your location / time zones. Not only that, it reduces your overhead of server transportation in case you wish to relocate your office space. Basically, you do not need a dedicated office at all.

The theory brings out openness and your team can even function out of Co-Working spaces, at a price lesser than your office–rentals.

e) No commitments:There are no yearly contracts. You can test out the monthly schemes. If everything seems fine, opt for the retention scheme.

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