Today digitization and virtual connectivity has taken all the industries by storm and commands a dominant online footprint to sustain in the longer run. There has been a complete transformation in the way business is conducted these days, be it a small start-up or a multi-national chunk, they have all seen how important digitization & cloud computing has become.

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The entire Entertainment and Media industry ranging from a small image to a complete series of movies/daily soaps need cloud in the present scenario. All media content like music, videos, movies, soaps, and e-Books can be accessed from any device, at any point in time, from anywhere in the world. It is this wide scope that the entertainment industry requires, and it can only be made possible through cloud and colocation services.

The benefits that cloud technology has brought to the customers of the entertainment industry are:

  • Easy and fast access through mobile phones to any song, video, movie etc.
  • Internet-based television, which is the new trend has grabbed a majority of the youth’s attention by making entertainment accessible 24/7. Netflix, Hotstar, and YouTube are a few such examples.
  • A shift from the traditional paper-based content to the digital medium has replaced newspapers and magazines with easily accessible apps.
  • The implementation of cost effective models that help users to opt for freemium, for watching their favorite channels, shows, movies or songs, instead of paying premiums for accessing content that is not used.

There is an ongoing revolution in the way the entertainment industry has worked over the course of time. From, saving huge data files holding movies or an entire series to securing every record, cloud services are convenient in many different ways. Some, of the advantages to the entertainment producers, are:

  • Getting rid of the enormous amount of data that gets accumulated while developing a movie, by just shifting it to a software that is equipped to handle and store huge chunks of it on the cloud.
  • Easy storage and access of any sensitive data on the cloud, which eventually helps to maintain every file in its natural condition.
  • Maximum security for the data saved or moved to the cloud is assured, and all its rights are strictly kept with the owners.
  • When you have it on the cloud, you can have it forever. When you know, that movie or series is a hit, you can save it for a lifetime, which can be replayed and modified whenever needed. Classic TV series like ‘Friends’ or movies like ‘Titanic’ make good examples.

The wide access that cloud computing has brought to the entertainment industry, doesn’t just act as an interface between customers, content, experience, and the brand, but also assures remarkable outreach and revenue potential for all the media created. So, the cloud is definitely a hero to the entertainment industry for the actions it performs.

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