Cloud Gamification

For sure, gamification is the most overly used phrase in this modern tech-driven industry. Why shouldn’t it be? Every startup or organization is making use of it to scale their business model to new heights.

Ever wondered what exactly does this jargon mean and how is it implemented? Let’s make it crystal clear.

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Basically, the application of typical elements of game playing - point scoring, competition with others; typically as an online marketing gimmick to increase the user engagement with a product or service is termed as gamification.

And their backbone is Cloud. It all runs on cloud.

Close to round about 75% of the Fortune 2000 companies have at least one cloud based application which uses game theory. And indeed, so far gamification has continued to gain in popularity. With so many advantages, right from increased consumer participation to increased access to behavior analytics, organizations are taking notice of what games can do for their brand.

You’d be amazed to know not only have penetrated the kids segment, organizations are using it in their CRM/ support processes to incentivize their employees. It’s like a module – everyone in the team is allocated certain tasks which need to perform in order to up the level. Based on the real time processing, the scores are updated to the Cloud server and an equivalent performance report is generated.

Even a lot of sales teams have started to implement this wonderful practice. Not only it keeps the morale and tempo high but it gives a feeling of being coached and not encroached. There is a sense of independence and fun. Yet, at the same time, you are being monitored and mentored in the right direction. It’s a win- win for both management and employees.

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Little did anyone would’ve thought of technology solving elementary issues like this? Thank you Cloud Computing. Thank you so much.

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