Difference between Cloud & IoT

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IoT, Cloud, Big Data and Hadoop are the most talked about jargons in this tech savvy world. Everyone must’ve heard about them but only a few know the real difference (technically).

Let us discuss in order to have a clear understanding.

There’s no denying of the fact that technology is leading us to a world where our lifestyles and living patterns are going to change drastically – be it home automation, smart electricity meters, television revolution or our showers being controlled, everything is ultimately going to run in a fashion our forefathers would have never imagined.

The basic concept of IoT is connectivity where in machines are internally linked to web and a constant stream of data flows across them with a lag of less than a microsecond , making it work on a real-time basis. In order to achieve this feat, cloud computing comes into picture and acts as a catalyst or an enabler. Cloud’s primary objective is storage, visualization and data analytics. IoT performs the logical operation, uses internet to shoot data, stores it on the relevant cloud and ultimately two edge devices communicate.


Basically, IoT is a platform and cloud is a part of the process, especially the last stage. Or you could say -

“Cloud is for strategic behavior control and the IoT is for tactical behavior”

Cloud is actually the zone where the post-facto analysis are re-deployed as strategy or algorithms to the IoT mesh.

At the moment IoT is focused on automation while Clouds have been actively busy in creating a revolution of cost reduction in private data warehouses or startups by providing a large scale, high-volume and a low-cost centralization.

Clouds are more inclined towards creating an ecosystem of geo-redundant, and dynamically scalable virtual systems capable of serving a large number of customer businesses simultaneously whereas IoT’s goal lies in innovation.

Hopefully, you’ve got a clearer picture now.

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