Ever Wondered How A Cloud Backs Its Own Data?

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In the wildest of your thoughts, have you ever wondered how a cloud takes the backup of its own data? What happens if there is a power outrage? God forbidden, what if it gets heated up? How does it restore its data? I mean, isn’t it fun to know what happens behind the scenes?

Well, technically the answer is NO. It doesn’t. A cloud never takes the backup of its own data. It secures your data though, in a different fashion.

Credible data centers are equipped with uninterruptable power supplies and backup power generators 24x7. Hence, power outrage is out of consideration.

Also, the servers use multiple hard drives arranged in an agglomeration, also known as RAID – Redundant Array of Independent Disks where in even if one hard disk gets corrupted, your data remains intact as there are other disks storing it effectively. In case of any mishap, System Ops are notified in real time and the drive is replaced immediately. There’s no lag in data storage and security using this RAID5 or RAID6 technique.

Data Center

So, eventually backing up of the data on the cloud is not required; as opposed to what we think.

As a worst case scenario, data is cloned across various servers in multiple locations. This is a full proof protective measure from any natural calamity.

So, consider it from any dimension, a Cloud is always secure, reliable and effective for the providing the most optimized results to your business.

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