The Enigma Called Cloud Security

You must’ve heard about a lot of leaks which keep happening with the celebrities, and the very thought that clouds aren’t safe would’ve popped out in your brain’s subconscious cache. Right?

If it can happen with such a big star, why not with me?

Well, thinking logically – it might’ve happened intentionally as well? You know how this world works. It’s all about being in the limelight. But, in reality there are a few challenges in Cloud Security which you must understand and must be aware so that you are not being fooled.

Data Center

Point -1: The transitional encryption with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or TLS (Transport Layer Security) does safeguard your data from any edits but it’s ultimately the RAM of the computer where your data gets unencrypted – plays the real deal. That is where the actual theft happens.

How sure are you that it has not been paused or the RAM isn’t copied?

Here is a checklist for you, as an end-user before signing up the Cloud Contract with any vendor.

1. Carefully investigate your prospective cloud service provider before you sign the deal.

Are they honest? Is their data center accessible to you? Do they have adequate physical security guarding the premises? Do they have their own security management system in place?

Are their internal audits happening? Do they know their game?

These are the questions you must ask.

Caged services in india

2. Is your data insured? Obviously, your computing data has some value to your business. Is that worth being insured? Or just in case you are too shy or lazy to buy that insurance from the provider, get it done from a business insurance underwriter.

Failure to do so will only bring grief to you.

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