To cloud CAD or not?

CAD:Computer-aided drafting (CAD) is a tool which uses computing abilities for the creation, editing, analysis and optimization of a concept or a design.Right from the automotive sector, aerospace, housing architecture to giving special effects in movies, the software is used extensively everywhere, basically covering all the spheres.

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Now coming to the big question - should CAD be used on cloud or no?

Different people have different thoughts on this topic. Some are totally in favor, some are completely against it. Let’s analyze the pros and cons and come to a rationale.

Advantages -
Easy invoking – You can invoke the CAD instance whenever desired from anywhere. There is no inter dependency between the machine and the key.
Pay per use model – It’s more like renting a space in a magical design workshop. You need not worry about the actual building cost of the entire unit. Just pay for the hours you wish to attend the class.
Multiple Edits – Just like a coder, checkouts a file, does his share of changes and check-in the code ina module to enable the other user to do editing, multiple edits to a file are possible on a cloud-based CAD.
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Internet Connectivity - You always need a high speed internet access especially for larger data sets. Every design file in usually in MBs (sometimes even reaches GBs). Your design performance takes a lot in case of slower internet speed.
Performance - CAD kernels do not take good advantage of multi-processing right now, and most CAD vendors are using a sequential, history based mode of modeling, which just makes things more difficult.

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