Managed Services

Nxtra recognizes the need and importance that hosting and storage services hold for businesses today. It ensures that companies can stop worrying about these needs through its outstanding managed service offerings, which are tailor-made for each customer.

In addition to this, Nxtra offers a first-rate backup service suite which is synonymous with scalability and reliability.

Dedicated hardware

It is cumbersome and costly to build and manage a flexible, agile and scalable IT infrastructure using in-house capabilities. Therefore, we provide Managed Hosting Services offering a dedicated solution that removes the burden of managing and maintaining complex hosting environments so that you can focus on what matters
to your organization business and revenue driven programs. We offer two managed service offerings :

Value Host Services

We take on the burden of procuring server hardware, racking and staking, managing space and power and providing on-site hardware break/fix support while you remain
in control of your operating system licensing, installation, monitoring and management.

Value proposition:

Customers can opt to buy the hardware on Opex/Capex

Customers can opt to procure OS licenses on SPLA model

Assets can be transferred to customer after contract termination

Vendor coordination and SLA tracking would be delivered as a part of service

Storage on Demand

Storage on Demand service offers Unified storage (NAS, SAN and ISCSI) on utility base model (storage space as and when required) to the enterprises hosting their mission critical applications /databases at our data centers.

Storage on demand service includes:

Scalable storage capacity, available in increments of 20 GB with a minimum order of 100 GB

Redundant and dedicated IP Network Switches for data network (NFS, iSCSI)

24 x 7 x 365 monitoring, management and customer support

Proactive patching of storage-related software, drivers and firmware

SAN or NAS delivery over Fiber, iSCSI or LAN

Dual Parity RAID (DP) configuration

Proactive notification of service-affecting events

Capacity management of the storage platform

Troubleshooting and break/fix management

Backup service offers backup and restoration services to the corporates hosting their mission critical applications /databases at our state of art Data Centers.

Backup Services support offline file system backup on all popular operating systems like Windows (all standard, Enterprise & Data Center Editions), Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX etc. The Service provides online (open file) backup for most popular databases like Oracle, Microsoft SQL server etc. You can even backup your storage on SAN, NAS.

Features of the Service

  • Data protection for workloads running on platform
  • Granular level restores of files/folder (File Service and Advanced Service)
  • Full system restore (Advanced Service)
  • Application protection (Advanced Service)
  • Secure data transfer
  • Secure data storage
  • Tenant specified protection schedule
  • Reduced and predictable costs compared to deploying data protection solution on platform
  • Ad-Hoc Backup
  • Tenant Self-Service Administration (Basic Service)
  • Provider managed administration (Advanced Service)
  • Copies of data in multiple sites
  • Long term data retention (1, 3 and 7 year)
  • SLA's for service availability provided by reputable service provider
  • Adherence to regulatory compliance regarding data retention and auditability

The Managed Server offering is delivered on a dedicated hosting infrastructure within Nxtra data centers and offers Customers pre-defined, computing resources. It is a fully-managed solution that provides the expert IT staff and highly-available IT infrastructure required to enable global, 24x7x365 end-user access to customer data in a reliable, secure, cost-effective manner.

The service includes Server equipment, OS software and System Installation, Configuration, Administration, Monitoring, Maintenance and Support.

Features of the Service

Equipment (Standard offerings with Hosting Services)

  • HP, Dell, Sun, and IBM Servers
  • Operating System (Windows, RHEL, Solaris, AIX)


  • Basic OS System Administration
  • Patch Management
  • Fault Management
  • Change Management
  • Hardware Support
  • Equipment Lifecycle Management
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Asset Management
  • Platform Installation & Configuration
  • Server and System Resource Monitoring
  • 24*7 Maintenance
  • Service Reports with 99.5% Service Level Agreements
  • Dedicated Customer Support
  • Core service up/down status
  • Memory performance
  • Processor performance
  • Disk free space
  • Disk latency performance
  • Performance threshold monitoring
  • State monitoring and service discovery
  • Application Failure Events
  • Bluescreen Events
  • Startup and Shutdown Events
  • Disk Quota Events
  • Software and Applications Installations
  • Application Failures by event
  • Operating System Failures
  • Windows Registry Changes
  • RAID Failures
  • Disk Failures
  • Scheduled Tasks Status

Customers have the ability to choose the combination of services required to complete their Managed Hosting Service, depending on their needs. For example, Client can choose either standalone managed servers or combination of Hosting (OS + Managed Server).

Database Management

Database management services positioned to meet the needs of businesses that require secure, reliable access to their database applications. Managed DB services portfolio in which we are proposing DBA- Monitoring and Management services for Oracle, MS-SQL and MySQL on a 24x7x365 basis. To relieve businesses of the day-to-day burden of administrating their database server environment and infrastructure, Nxtra data centers offers comprehensive and expertly managed database services to businesses for a predictable fee that significantly lowers total cost of ownership (TCO) of the application. The following databases are supported as a part of DBA services under managed hosting customer service offerings.






Standard Deliverables – DB Services

  • Installing, configuring and upgrading database server software
  • Setting up databases
  • Managing database servers
  • Starting up and shutting down database instances
  • Scheduling jobs for the databases hosted
  • Creating databases and environments
  • Controlling and supporting migrations
  • Verifying that all instances are running
  • Verifying free space in table spaces
  • Verifying rollback segments
  • Any new alert log entries
  • Trace files
  • Monitoring sessions, activity/redo logs, replication/standby status and objects
  • Monitoring - Instances and Databases
  • Proactive alert notification to customer technical contacts
  • Database Alerts (CPU overload, RAM memory overload, Trace and Dump file, alert log message, low free space in archive redo log directory)
  • Ongoing maintenance and support for the environment
  • Management cluster configuration
  • Management of local or remote database mirroring
  • Management of local database snapshots
  • Performance Management
  • Verifying that server has enough resources for acceptable performance
  • Tuning performance as needed
  • Monitoring database growth and refreshing statistics weekly
  • Database health report (Generate on monthly basis)
  • Identifying bad growth projections
  • Identifying space-bound objects
  • Reviewing contention for CPU, memory, network, and disk resources
  • Reviewing fragmentation by investigating row chaining and other areas of fragmentation
  • Implementing and maintaining database security
  • Establishing privileges and access controls
  • Managing vendors
  • Resolving database incidents, errors and corruption
  • SLA of 99.5% uptime for clustered Oracle and MS-SQL only
  • 99% for non-clustered MySQL, Oracle and MS-SQL DB.
  • Supporting and troubleshooting all database issues on a 24x7x365 basis
  • Monthly Reports
  • Database Backup and Recovery**
**Requires mandatory subscription of Backup Service on additional fee.

About Nxtra

Nxtra Data Limited is Bharti's Data Centre Managed Services company. We offer a full range of data centre ‎managed services to the enterprise, government, carrier and SMB segments.

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