Nxtra Cloud

The Magic of Cloud


nxtra Cloud with its expert know how of cloud systems, state of the art infrastructure, dedicated resource pool and a passion to transform businesses is the right push for businesses to make it even bigger and better.

With nxtra Cloud, you are assured of 24x7 IT capacities, agility, efficiency, never seen before cost and resource optimizations, a dynamic, scalable infrastructure and a spectrum of IT strategies that enable you to turn around the forced austerity to competitive advantage.

Cloud Services

Nxtra Public Cloud

Businesses can now get used to quickly launching applications and services with nxtra Public Cloud. Experience the next level of enterprise grade Public Cloud platform with state of the art IT infrastructure at a very marginal cost which helps businesses cut down costs and improve performance at the same time. With nxtra data at your service, enjoy on demand CPU, RAM and storage requirements anytime.

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Nxtra Private Cloud

Get the power of nxtra private cloud with highest level of control and security. Managing a data center of your own can lead to never ending tedious processes wasting your valuable time. This is where nxtra Private Cloud comes into picture. With enormous infrastructure and hands on experience, nxtra’s Private Cloud service fulfills all your requirements effortlessly vis-a-vis efficiently.

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Nxtra Hybrid Cloud

Get the power of both worlds from virtual and dedicated infrastructure. The right mix of both puts you in the driving seat helping you improvise on performance and cutting down costs at the same time. Augment your existing IT infrastructure with nxtra Hybrid Cloud through secure network and accelerate your performance without spending anything on infrastructure upgradation.

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  • Pay-per-user model
  • Online provisioning
  • Scalable infrastructure
  • Flexible and connectivity model
  • Integrated managed services
  • Integrated shared and network security
  • Enterprise class reliability
  • Burst option available
  • Expert care
  • State of the art hosted infrastructure with third party certified data centre
  • Endpoint security


Nxtra Cloud gives you the flexibility to pay only only for the services used. This helps as an added advantage providing cost optimization while enjoying the best of services.


In today’s dynamic environment, nxtra Cloud provides you an extra edge of stability through scalable infrastructure that can easily sustain the sudden increases in data growth without falling over.


A team of experts at nxtra cloud makes sure that you receive the best support and care from our side whenever you need it.

About Nxtra

Nxtra Data Limited is Bharti's Data Centre Managed Services company. We offer a full range of data centre ‎managed services to the enterprise, government, carrier and SMB segments.

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