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In an ever-evolving threat landscape, businesses need reliable and efficient data backup solutions for their critical data spread across various files/folders, endpoints, and databases. Enterprises need a solution which can render frequent backups without posing any major operational or management challenges. Nxtra Backup on a Service (BaaS) meets this demand supporting data resiliency across your enterprise setup. Our data backup services simplify and automate monitoring and optimization of backups. You will always stay on top of your data with the global self-service portal, which enables granular backup and recovery of files, and databases.

Why Nxtra’s Backup on a Cloud?

Self Service Portal

A highly intuitive, self-service portal streamlines backup and recovery management. You can enable automatic subscriber account provisioning with the portal.

Agent-based Backup

You can configure and centrally manage multiple, lightweight clients across all your servers/machines with our self-service portal.

Granular Backups

Get granular backups up to database and file level with the self-service portal. Nxtra supports backup of individual files, desktops/ laptops, and databases (MySQL).

Reporting Dashboard

Get all relevant backup updates with a usage report widget for BaaS subscriptions. This dashboard helps in capacity planning and eases monitoring of backups.

Flexible Pricing

Nxtra backup as a service meets your organization’s backup needs with pricing based on storage quota or the number of backup devices.


Reduced Data Risks

Recover from data loss due to all natural and human-made disasters (both intentional and unintentional).

Increased Efficiencies

Reduced TCO, faster recovery of data and effective capacity planning significantly enhances your backup efficiency.

Better Visibility

The self-service portal provides you granular control over your data and keeps you on top of your backup

Improved Compliance

The cloud-based service helps you in meeting regulatory compliances with a secure backup of your valuable business data.

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