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How The Cloud Is Transforming Healthcare Industry


Today as we are progressing into a fast paced technical world, every industry whether that’s food & beverage, hospitality or entertainment is finding itself in a rush to be compliant with all the latest technical buzz that’s doing the rounds. Be it possessing high-end software or hardware, creating mobile applications or being present on various digital platforms, you have to be at par with the industry standards.
One industry which stands out because of its rapid digital acceptance is the Healthcare industry or the Hospitals. Everything today from reviewing doctors, to scheduling appointments, to accessing your health records is being done online. But one of the major challenges being faced by hospitals today is gaining access to the essential resources or the hardware for gearing up to back this big change and this is where Data centres in India are putting their best foot forward in terms of providing cloud services to help the Healthcare industry to achieve their digital goals.

Having cloud services at a hospital does not just ease the load of the IT department but can also ease out the process of conducting various operational aspects such as diagnosis, collecting patient information, analysing it, storing it and making it easily accessible to all stakeholders. To have a better picture let’s list some of the basic operations where Cloud services in India are coming into play in the Healthcare Sector:

  • Registering and booking appointments online using mobile applications or desktops.
  • Accessing doctor’s profiles which are present on the website’s database and selecting the most appropriate one.
  • Filling in your personal details on online enquiry forms, information which people are hesitant saying out loud.
  • Change from in hand paper prescriptions to online one’s present on your personal online hospital accounts, which further allows patients the freedom to forward them to other doctor’s while avoiding to maintain physical files.
  • All the documents in terms of reports or X-rays are uploaded on the cloud of your hospital, and you are just a click away from viewing them at any time of the day. This provides access to all the records in real time as you are always connected to the system.
  • A personal unique registration number or login information to facilitate the highest degree of Security and privacy for every patient by enabling them complete ownership of their data.

And that’s not all, Cloud computing is not just beneficial to your customers but also beneficial to the hospital employees or staff by having their documents, login, or attendance records stored and secured on the cloud database or server located elsewhere.

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