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Case Study: Low Cost Cloud Hosting Services

Nxtra sharpens the cloud architecture and migrates the application setup from AWS to Microsoft Azure.

Business Challenge

The premium voice over IP (VolP) and instant messaging application provider had deployed Amazon Web Service (AWS)-based cloud infrastructure across 3 geographical locations -U.S., Ireland & Singapore. It was looking to reduce the cloud hosting cost by either renegotiating the terms with the existing cloud provider, or engineering an entirely new solution on a different platform, while ensuring a robust and agile cloud architecture.

Our Solution

Nxtra executed the cloud transformation program with a three-pronged approach:

  • Measurement and monitoring of the existing cloud setup
  • Right sizing of the as-is architecture to drive maximum value
  • Migrating the application environment (including infrastructure, network services, OS licenses, and bandwidth) from AWS to Microsoft Azure to boost elasticity and leverage a more cost-effective commercial model


  • Reduced the cost of cloud hosting by more than 44 % annually
  • Negotiated migration costs, ensuring no impact to the project cost
  • Optimized the architecture to harness full benefits of cloud and catalyze business growth globally

Congratulations to the Team: Gaurang Rao, Shahrukh Khan, Ritesh Rastogi and Tarun Arora

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