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Leading Customer service organization attains a competitive edge

About the company

Five years ago, this organization hosted their application platform with Nxtra Data on a dedicated hosting model. Initially they were serving customers via call centers but aimed to explore new channels and reach out to customers via the web and mobile.
Nxtra Data has enabled the company to sell their services through its online portal available on web as well as mobile through the web services of its agents.

The Problem

Scalability Issues : The company ran into scalability issues within few years of using a traditional data center. Procuring new hardware or upgrading the existing one would take more than two to three weeks.

Productivity : The limited hardware capacity could not effectively handle processing fluctuations, which had a negative impact on productivity.

Limited Memory Size : On another occasion, the memory size wasn't enough to service the workload.

The Project

Their top management realized that procuring new hardware was no more an option and realized that the answer lay in a cloud solution. This was not new to their organization.
It is much larger than its closest competitor in terms of its resource network. To capitalize on that, the company offers an online portal from where the end customers can directly avail the services and delivery. This service helps the organization to connect with the customer directly and reduce the dependency on their calling agents.
They used Nxtra Data as a cloud service provider to build its SaaS offering.

The Solution

The entire process of hosting and managing this service was smooth and easy but had the limitation of on the fly expansion. They were not clear about the no of customers going to access their online portal via web and mobile. So they decided to move their entire infrastructure to the cloud.
Today, a major portion of their business, including the mission critical ones is on the Nxtra Cloud.
This solution includes features such as the ability to easily manage access to servers through security groups, easy-to-use self-service management console, the concept of elastic compute, which includes CPUs, Memory, Storage and superior support.

The Nxtra Difference

After switching to cloud, and hosting their infrastructure on Nxtra Cloud, the organization experienced a multitude of advantages:

Customization : The cloud solution has empowered the organization’s developers to focus on building apps based on their business needs and customize according to the needs of the customer. This was not possible in the older model where developers had to spend a lot of time making changes to the apps to accommodate the traditional datacenter’s limited capabilities.

Cost Benefit : After moving to the cloud and hosting their infrastructure at the Nxtra Cloud servers, the traffic to their call center agents went down and resulted in significant cost savings.

Scalability : Nxtra Cloud offers them the much needed elasticity and scalability. Their business no longer needs to wait because of capability limitations. As soon as there is a demand, their company has the infrastructure ready to meet it dynamically.

Improved Customer Experience : This solution has also helped them to improve customer experience in terms of service delivery and product offerings.

Competitive edge : The use of Nxtra Cloud has given them a unique competitive edge that is instrumental in helping them innovate quickly.

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