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World class financial services & consulting brand achieves functional and budgetary benefits

About the company

This is a brand under which tens of thousands of dedicated professionals in independent firms throughout the world collaborate to provide auditing, consulting, financial advisory, risk management, and tax services to selected clients. In India, it offers a range of audit and enterprise risk, tax, consulting and financial advisory services across 13 cities. It has earned a reputation in the Indian professional arena of creating powerful business solutions tailored to the clients’ needs.

The Problem

The company was running two dedicated servers, but security and expense were a big concern for them. The cost of maintaining the servers was out of their budget. In order to ensure the protection of sensitive data, the company was in need of the security that could be provided by a dedicated server.
To help meet the expectations of its reputation, it needed a hosting solution that could provide specific functional and budgetary benefits to help its team work better, stronger and more securely.

The Solution

Following an evaluation of available solutions, Nxtra Data’s VMware-based advanced “Virtualization shared hosting services” were selected.
Different than traditionally hosted models where servers are shared, virtualization at Nxtra Cloud offers the benefits of a dedicated, secure server and eliminates the additional costs of hardware and collocation.
Nxtra Cloud created a virtualization-based environment of two dedicated servers, one to host the company’s client-specific-designed application software and one server to support its database.

The Nxtra Difference

Nxtra Cloud’s virtualization shared hosting services provided them with all the security, functionality and scalability that was needed—and all at an affordable price.
Within a time span of 7 months the company is reported to have experienced the following benefits.

  • A cost effective, secure and scalable web environment
  • Efficient data and hardware storage
  • Decreased operating and maintenance costs
  • Faster response time to client demands
  • Decreased workload strain
  • Optimized workforce performance

Cost savings : On average, companies are able to save 40 to 50 percent of their annual hosting budgets with virtualization. With Nxtra Data’s virtualization shared hosting services the client is now able to easily stay within its hosting budget.
Additionally, it also experienced significant savings on power and space, hardware, and collocation fees.

Increased uptime : The virtualization shared hosting services guarantees 99.5% uptime, ensuring that the company has access to hardware and data at all times, enabling them to provide their clients with the excellent service and customer support that their brand is known for.

Security and Scalability : Using Nxtra Cloud’s virtualization environment provided the company with a dedicated server protected by a dedicated firewall, guaranteeing its data is kept securely. Nxtra Cloud’s technical capabilities offered it a scalable solution that meets all specific needs.

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