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Global Monolithic Refractory Solutions Provider Boosts Business Continuity and Minimizes TCO

The Challenge at Hand

The world leader in monolithic refactory solutions was experiencing frequent system outages as the existing SAP-based ERP system, hosted in-house at the factory location, was due for an upgrade. The system was marred by modules that had not been configured correctly, resulting in suboptimal data visibility and poor reporting. The company was running the system on aging servers that were being maintained by an in-house team. There was a lack of a robust disaster recovery (DR) plan, putting business continuity at risk. The refactory supplier was looking to execute a streamlined SAP upgrade and hardware refresh, and deploy a single window solution by partnering with a managed services provider to host and manage it.

Our Solution

Nxtra Data upgraded the existing SAP ECC 6.0-based system to EHP 7.0 and resolved module configuration errors, followed by seamless data migration, while ensuring complete data integrity. The system was hosted at our next-generation data centers, a reliable DR plan was put in place, and all industry best practices were adhered to during the application roll-out. We also delivered end-to-end managed services covering SAP, servers, storage, and networking for both the primary site and the DR site. Airtel and Nxtra Data collaborated to design and implement a holistic single window solution powered by a high performance Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network.

Benefits Delivered

Through this strategic partnership with Airtel and Nxtra Data, the company was able to enhance business continuity, reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), and improve system effectiveness. With our SLA-driven, cost-effective and integrated IT solution, the company was able to ensure 99.95% availability. By upgrading the ERP system, the company augmented user experience and minimized downtime, leading to better organizational productivity. Real time reports could be generated in an efficient manner and data visibility increased, owing to the single window, high-throughput ERP solution. Overall, the company reduced operating expenditure while executing a comprehensive IT overhaul, driving key business results.

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