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Leading Seed Manufacturer Boosts Operational Efficiency and Agility with Nxtra Data Private Cloud Hosting Solution

The Challenge at Hand

The Asia-based seed maker wanted to lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) in relation to its IT infrastructure that spanned 17 countries across the continent, with no underlying standardization. The disparate infrastructure setups running in each country also lacked any consolidated service level agreement (SLA) for robust performance monitoring and governance. The organization also relied on a local third-party vendor to host a data center that provisioned some core ERP applications for all of its enterprise users. This silo-oriented technology ecosystem was hindering the firm’s efforts to enhance its flexibility, agility and scalability, as well as operational efficiency. In order to overcome these challenges, the company partnered with Nxtra Data to design and implement a customized and highly available Private cloud solution. Nxtra is also delivering remote infrastructure management services covering 17 countries for their Network and Security management.

Our Solution

Nxtra Data consolidated the seed manufacturer’s core IT infrastructure under highly available and scalable private cloud hosting almost 40 virtual machines, SharePoint folders, storage and Citrix servers across all of the company’s locations.The new platform, which was provisioned via a dedicated private cloud, could absorb varying workloads as per evolving business needs, overseeing the company’s entire network–spanning hardware and software, such as workstations, servers, network devices, storage devices, IT security devices, etc. As part of its five-year contract scope, Nxtra Data also enacted a best-in-class firewall management mechanism to provide the company’s entire IT footprint with comprehensive security. Moreover, we provisioned monthly reports and dashboards that helped senior enterprise users at the seed maker track key performance indicators (KPIs) relating to remote infrastructure management services.

Benefits Delivered

The partnership with Nxtra Data helped the seed company accrue the following benefits:
Reduced TCO: Significantly lower operating costs and minimize capital expenditure; gain flexibility and scalability in provisioning managed services on demand.
Higher Productivity: Enhance organizational productivity by ensuring high infrastructure availability.
Better Responsiveness: Increase employee satisfaction, and in turn customer responsiveness, through swift ticket resolution.
Enhanced security: Proactively monitor infrastructure network assets for potential incidents and avert them for robust risk management, by harnessing a dedicated    private cloud

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