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Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and Solutions

A disaster recovery solution for your mission-critical business processes and applications


Internet malwares and application vulnerabilities pose a constant threat to business continuity. Monitoring of RTOs and RPOs using in-house disaster recovery solutions with replication site and other point systems is resource intensive and complex undertaking. Nxtra’s enterprise-class Disaster Recovery as a Service makes things simple, allowing you to make a rapid and immediate recovery, whenever a disaster strikes.
Nxtra DR as a Service protects your production virtual servers hosted in the private cloud (either on-premise or in a dedicated cloud) with replica instances running on a public cloud. This failover strategy allows IT staff to carry on repairs with sanity and ensure that the issues are fixed properly. With a high degree of automation, Nxtra DRaaS keeps your applications and data, secure and compliant.


Simple Management

Automated DR setup helps in the initial configuration and system setup, simplifying the management of replication, failback & recovery related tasks via a unified console.

Comprehensive Support

It is a single integrated solution for protecting your entire IT setup spread across physical, virtual, and multiple cloud environments.

Real-Time Replication

Nxtra’s disaster recovery services provide continuous real-time replication and automatic failover with Double-Take.

Streamlined Migrations

Real-time replication ensures swift migrations with instant failover and failback allowing users to remain active in a high availability environment.

Platform Independence

Nxtra’s DR as a Service provides platform agnostic, multiple-OS support for virtual and physical servers.


High Availability

An isolated and secure HA environment keeps your live data for operations protected from unpredictable outages.

Reduced Opportunity Costs

The solution prevents delays in threat mitigation and disaster recovery which can pose huge operational and reputational damages.

Increased Efficiency

Nxtra’s cloud-based DR services minimize time and costs otherwise involved in maintaining an on-site DR infrastructure.

Regulatory Compliance

Fulfil regulatory or legal requirements by keeping your critical business data safe and highly available.

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