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Hybrid Cloud Computing Services

A flexible and reliable cloud setup for businesses


If you are looking for state-of-the-art connectivity for smooth integration between your organization's private and public cloud, without any regulatory or security concerns, Nxtra Data is where your search ends. Our Hybrid Cloud solutions combine the advantages of public cloud to deliver the agility, elasticity, and cost-effectiveness, with those of private cloud in terms of ironclad data security. Optimize your IT environment with the flexibility to choose what part of your business goes on the cloud and what remains in-house. Orchestrate a ready pool of computing, networking, and storage resources to meet your requirements.
Nxtra Data Hybrid Cloud comes with a strong cloud infrastructure expertise, and a comprehensive and integrated suite of offerings to build and agile and future-ready Hybrid IT environments.

Why choose Nxtra’s Hybrid Cloud

Network strength

Streamline your operations and accelerate your business by connecting your applications and data to any of the carriers providing high speed connectivity.

Security and Compliance

Enjoy secure connectivity and consistent security on shared as well as dedicated infrastructure. Our comprehensive security approach helps you meet complex regulatory compliances.


Combine multiple cloud models such as private, public or hosted, based on your performance, scalability, security and compliance needs.

Optimized IT environment

Build a simplified, economical, and optimal IT environment for better business growth by identifying and deploying sensitive workloads on private infrastructure. Gain more control and insight into your IT operations.

Start small and scale seamlessly

License your IT resources on a project-by-project basis with the ability to add more as needed. Clone, replicate environments as required with seamless traffic flow.


Best in class SLAs covering redundancy and availability, with a comprehensive suite of managed services and best in class technologies for cloud bursting and load balancing.

OEM support

Enjoy the support that you need for products manufactured by other companies, such as HP, DELL, IBM, Huawei, Cisco, Palo Alto, FortinetandF5.

Effortless integration and manageability

Integrate your private and public cloud infrastructure effortlessly with swift resource provisioning.

Flexible Commercial Modeling

Diverse payment options like OPEX, CAPEX, models are available to provide you the most economical model for your specific business needs.

Nxtra Hybrid Cloud Deployment Scenarios

Application development

If you are a technology startup doing a public beta of your products, you would eventually need a large-scale IT infrastructure to support expansion, and dynamic workloads. However, estimating future workloads is a gamble. That’s why you need the flexibility to provision your resources on the public cloud till the time they get a steady-state workload pattern. Nxtra Hybrid cloud solutions help you with untested workloads, while providing a lower TCO.

Peak traffic handling

If you are an online retailer having difficulty managing flash sales and discount seasons, you need Nxtra Hybrid Cloud services that provide secure, low-latency connections between private and public clouds. Handling peak traffic can be challenging, but Nxtra Hybrid Cloud solutions resolve this using cloud bursting.

High Availability and Disaster Recovery

If you are a geographically dispersed global organization, facing challenges of high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR), Nxtra Hybrid Cloud solutions can help you in isolating development and production environments. They allow optimum use of resources while ensuring unhindered application availability.

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