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Managed Hosting Services

Future-ready IT infrastructure for higher agility and scale


Continuous management and optimization of enterprise IT setups is a resource intensive and complex undertaking. Nxtra’s managed hosting services reduce this burden and help enterprises in harnessing the real business value of their IT infrastructure. As an Airtel offshoot, Nxtra is trusted by numerous enterprises and government organizations for its hosting services. With our dedicated hosting solutions and managed storage services, your organization can simplify IT-management by outsourcing all those routine, perennial tasks that are necessary to keep your systems, up and running.

Our Offerings

Managed Dedicated Hosting

Leverage Nxtra’s managed dedicated hosting services for your mission-critical, I/O-intensive workloads, meeting your performance, security, manageability and scalability needs.
Nxtra’s dedicated server hosting solutions provide swift provisioning of resources to host your applications. We help you in acquiring hardware conveniently under OPEX models, and OS licenses on SPLA model.
Our Tier-III compliant data centers provide required levels of redundancy and security for supporting enterprise operations in a high-availability environment. In the event of hardware failure or emergency maintenance, our 24x7 technical experts provide assistance by either replacing or repairing the devices.

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Managed Storage and Back up Service

Storage as a Service (SAN, NAS, DAS) provides effective controls and on-demand availability for superior management of structured and unstructured data. With quick turnaround times, easy scalability, integration with public, private, or hybrid cloud models and a guaranteed QoS on storage I/O, it’s an ideal choice for enterprises seeking higher agility.
Backup as a Service (BaaS) for supporting data resiliency across your enterprise. With this service, you can create an efficient and reliable backup for your critical data spread across files/folders, emails, SQL or MS Exchange databases, Active Directories, virtual machines, or other enterprise applications

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Why Choose Nxtra?

Extensive Support and Customization

Choose the best for your enterprise as Nxtra supports all leading OEMs, providing easy integration with varied cloud models, and hosting environments

Swift Provisioning and Scalability

Choose both horizontal and vertical scaling approaches to add up computing power for your peak loads, as and when required

Committed Uptime

With strong commitment to SLA improvements, Nxtra provides swift turnaround times, and high availability for meeting your mission-critical operational requirements.

Business Risk Mitigation

Your high performance dedicated resources are placed in Tier-3 compliant Data Centers with an additional layer of DDoS protection for better security and control.

24x7 Assistance

Our fully managed hosting services provide end-to-end support through a highly skilled team of professionals with years of experience in managing enterprise-grade infrastructure.

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