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The Power of Nxtra Cloud


From swift provisioning of IT resources, to enabling scalability for your varying compute and storage loads, and creating required levels of redundancy for business-critical applications - you can bank on Nxtra Public Cloud, India’s leading public cloud provider. With its strong telco/ISP lineage, Nxtra offers India’s most dependable cloud infrastructure supporting your bimodal IT initiatives with higher flexibility, scalability, and efficiency.
Leverage our dynamic pool of high power computing, storage, networking, and analytics resources to build a scalable cloud solution for your enterprise. You can choose in between various connectivity options (MPLS, IPSec, Leased Line etc), and leverage leading hypervisors to run multiple virtual machines, basis your varied needs. Further, our Tier-III compliant data center network provides enterprise-grade security with enhanced DDoS protection for all your cloud resources.

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Nxtra’s public cloud hosting service allows better management and
optimization of your computing, storage, and networking resources. It offers higher scalability, availability, security, and compliance with deployment models suited for varied IT landscapes.

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Nxtra’s public cloud hosting service allows better management and optimization of your computing.

Why Nxtra’s Public Cloud?

No-cost Data Transfers

Unlike other cloud services with tiered pricing for data transfers, all IN and OUT data transfers are free of cost in Nxtra Public Cloud.

Connectivity Agnostic Solution

On the basis of your bandwidth requirement and preference, you can establish an IPSec, MPLS, shared bandwidth or private link connectivity to the cloud.

Highly Customized Plans

Getting started with Nxtra Public cloud is easy - start exploring a host of our standardized plans or get a consultation for building a customized solution for your enterprise needs.

Support for Hypervisor Deployments

Meet complex needs of your enterprise with virtualization. Nxtra Public Cloud supports all leading commercial hypervisor deployments to efficiently cater to your enterprise’s dynamic requirements.

Enhanced Anti-DDoS Solution

With scrubbing centres that scale on demand, Nxtra Public Cloud counters all common and advanced zero-day DDoS attacks, preventing your network nodes and traffic from malicious activity.

Self Service Portal

A highly intuitive, global self service portal helps you manage all your resources on the cloud, and provides you with actionable intelligence to take swift decisions for optimization of your resources.

Our Deployment Model

Elastic Cloud Deployment Model

Cloud computing agility at its best

Nxtra Public Cloud offers you elastic cloud deployment model with a single-tier/flat architecture for creating an on-demand elastic computing service. This model helps you leverage virtualized computing, performance acceleration, and high availability configuration for your single/multi-site architecture. It is suitable for managing peak loads experienced by your website, internal applications and portals with round the clock operations support.

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Virtual Private Cloud Setup

Enhanced cloud security at your fingertips

Nxtra’s Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) provides you with an isolated private cloud network within a public cloud. Each VPC comes with a network device consisting of a comprehensive network function like DHCP, DNS, Firewall, Load Balancer, VPN, and a dedicated VLAN for security. This setup lets you replicate traditional data center architecture on the public cloud and is suitable for handling critical business applications, databases with high I/O requirements, and sensitive data such as patents, IP, or other financial records.

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